Dance Obsession’s Coronavirus Plan

Please note, we’ll be following government guidelines and our plans may change with little notice so, if in doubt, please contact us to check the current timetable. Our current plan is:


We are still open and dancing, with the following requirement:

Due to the current Queensland Health Department direction, from the 1st to the 15th April, please ensure the following:

Face masks:

You must carry a face mask with you at all times when you leave home, unless you have a lawful reason not to.  You must wear a mask in indoor spaces. such as

  • indoor recreational facilities ie. dance studio (except if doing strenuous exercise).

  • Indoor workplaces (where safe to wear a mask and you can't physically distance)

  • Public transport

It is strongly recommended you wear a mask when outdoors if you are unable to stay more than 1.5m distance from other people.  Masks do not need to be worn in some circumstances, including children under 12 years, where people have certain medical conditions, and in workplaces where it is not safe to do so. 

Please note, face masks are not required to be worn on the 'field of play' however when indoors participants must wear a mask while they are 'on the bench' waiting to play.  They may remove their mask if they are puffing or out of breath. 



Due to the current 3 day lockdown of the Greater Brisbane area, we are waiting on advice from our dance body regarding any new restrictions that may be required. As we are currently on holidays, there is no great urgency and as soon as we know, we'll pass on the news. We thank you for your patience. 


~ Limited numbers according 4m2 rule. Please pre-book ALL Practice Sessions, both 3rd Saturday of the month and Easy Dance Practice  and your first class if you are a new or returning dancer to Dance Obsession. 

~ 1.5 metre rule. Dancers who live together at the same residence/s must maintain physical distance between themselves, as a couple and everyone else. Single dancers may dance in contact on the dance floor staying 1.5m from other dancing couples but will maintain physical distance between themselves as individuals and everyone else off the dance floor. 

~ Do not move the furniture without asking Dayle or I first. They are positioned to maintain the 1.5 metre physical distancing rule. Do not change seats during your attendance. 

~ Please do not bring food to share. Best practice is to BYO water although water will be available should you need it. 

~ Sanitise, Sanitise, Sanitise often.  It's surprising what we actually touch unconsciously and inadvertently follow by touching our eyes, nose, mouth etc which is specifically ill-advised. We have 7 sanitising stations at the studio, please become familiar with them. 

~ Peruse government approved CovidSafe signage.  Great advice we all should be aware of.

~ Cough and hand hygiene is expected of everyone. 

~ Tracing details and non-contact temperature checks will be taken on arrival. Please visit the office as soon as you arrive.

~ Dayle and I will look after regular cleaning and paperwork ... lots of paperwork so if we don't have as much time to chat, please bear with us.  We are definitely still available to answer all queries so ask us to find you as soon as we have a minute. 

~ Above all,  DO NOT JOIN US IF AT ALL UNWELL, even the common cold is frowned upon at the moment. 


~ Social dances have been cancelled however we will run Practice Sessions to maintain our dancing skills on the Field of Play. Pre-booking is essential. 

~ As Dancing is considered a high-risk, contact sport by authorities, please show caution and consideration to our dance family.  None of us live in a bubble and we want to avoid contracting Covid-19 wherever we may travel and bringing it onto the dance floor. Please be proactive about staying well at all times. 

~ Dayle and I appreciate how valuable dancing is to those of us who have made Ballroom Dancing our Sport of Choice. We need everyone's cooperation with following the CovidSafe Plan for Industry. If you are unsure of anything, please ask. 



Good morning Everyone



I know there's a lot of contradictory info out there so here's the facts for Dance Obsession.  Qld's easing of restrictions was favourable (albeit unclear) to our return from the 15th May, 2020. The national guidelines were infuriatingly clear and a definite no to indoor sport and recreation. I was fortunate enough  to find a government support hotline that led me to completing a submission requesting an exemption from certain COVID-19 restrictions, namely we wanted to dance indoors (on a dance floor).  We were granted our exemption so we are returning to classes, private lessons and floor hire @ Dance Obsession from Monday 25th May, 2020. It will be 8 weeks since we closed. The exemption is subject to very strict conditions but nothing you're not asked to do in any other public place, namely:

  1. 4 m2 for each person

  2. Maximum of 10 people plus Dayle and I at any time

  3. 1.5 metres social distancing. Couples who live @ the same address may dance together. Single dancers can not dance in contact with anyone. If there's any doubt regarding residential address, we will be requesting to see your drivers licence to confirm addresses. 

  4. Coronavirus Q & A

  5. Lots of cleaning (and paperwork) for Dayle and I between classes/hirings.

  6. Sanitising stations and rules on minimum use of them. 

We held our Open Day (& Trial Run) last Sunday to test drive procedures and it was an overwhelming success. 

Please know that your health, our health, Dance Obsession's viability and reputation is paramount to Dayle and I and we will, in line with current COVID-19 restrictions,  protect this return to dancing to the Nth degree. Please don't be offended if we remind everyone of the distancing requirement as required. It's for your own good. Guidelines will be followed. Please respect our right to return as we respect your right to not return. If you are feeling unwell, you or anyone in your household are in high-risk category, or for any other reason that you won't be joining us at the moment, that's fine. We look forward to seeing you when you're ready and comfortable with everything that's going on. 



please read on and should you have any questions, do not hesitate to call me on 0459 493 701. 



  1. We have new neighbours downstairs. Please park on the street as Dayle and I have a carpark each and the 3rd park is a COVID-19 reception area. 

  2. Please do not enter Dance Obsession until Dayle or I have invited you in as we need to monitor the number of people we have inside. 10 people plus Dayle and I allowed @ any one time EVER ATM ... well, until the next easing of restrictions planned for 12th June. 

  3. We will do our best  to run on time however one or both of us may be busy cleaning between classes/personal lessons/floor hire, so please be patient. If you have a booking, we know you're in the downstairs reception area (AKA downstairs parking area) and will be with you asap. 

  4. Expect to hear 'The Talk' before each changeover as a reminder of current COVID-19 restrictions.

  5. Please read government approved signage on the northern wall. To be educated is to be forearmed (or something like that).

  6. Tea and coffee facilities and bottled water have been removed for now and we'd prefer that you BYO water although we will have filtered tap water available should you need it. 

  7. If you don't have a confirmed booking and have turned up @ Dance Obsession, please ring me from your car to organise a visit ;-) St

  8. If you are feeling unwell, please don't come dancing, even the common cold is unwelcome in the current circumstances. 



Each week you will have to book 

  1. Your place in classes

  2. Floor hire

  3. Private lessons if you want either a casual booking or if you want to start private lessons. Our regulars will automatically be in the diary ;-)

Classes ~ first in, best dressed. If we have enough people to run a second class, we will and I'll organise an alternative time for the second class. If we don't have enough people for a class (or second class, if over 10) that class will be cancelled for that week. Current class times are listed at the end of this email.  Please note the first Introduction to Latin Exercise Class may be run on Friday 29th (for this coming week only) or will start back Wednesday 3rd June, please text me your interest though. YOU WILL RECEIVE A RETURN TEXT CONFIRMING YOUR BOOKING. No confirmation = no booking. 


Floor Hire x 1 hour ~ as few as 2 and up to 5 dancers ($40 ph), 6 to a maximum of 10 people ($7.50 pp) and can be a mix of singles and couples. You can organise your own group or ask me to pop you on a list if you'd like me to organise a group which will be subject to availability. Dayle or I will be in attendance to ensure cleaning, distancing and to play music.  Please text me your floor hire request inc. names of dancers in your group, generally what styles you'd like to dance and your preferred day and time, subject to availability.


Private lessons ~ If you have requested a return to private lessons and haven't received a text to confirm your time next week, please ring me asap. If you'd like to book a private lesson, please text your preferred day (Monday to Thursday) and time and I'll try to match it or I'll offer alternatives. Just to be clear, single dancers taking a private lesson will be dancing solo. My apologies if you find that unfair, but them's the rules. 



  1. If I've told you in your confirming text that it's ok to enter without waiting in the carpark reception area, it's because I know who'll be inside and our numbers will be well under the maximum 10 people, OTHERWISE ...

  2. Please arrive 5 minutes before your booked and confirmed time and wait in the carpark reception area. DO NOT move the chairs unless you can reorganise with 2 METRE CLEARANCE ;-) please.  

  3. Dayle or I will come down and invite you in.

  4. Please sanitise hands prior to entering and again when you arrive upstairs (you've touched the hand rail or door handle), Seating is to the left of the stairs as you enter and Coronavirus Q & A's will be waiting for you, please complete. 

  5. Dayle or I will give you 'The Talk' while you're completing the Q & A to ensure everyone is aware of guidelines while at Dance Obsession.

  6. Shoes on and let's dance. The above will have it's own scheduled time so as not to encroach on class/personal lesson/floor hire time (within reason).

  7. Don't be offended, but as you leave Dayle or I will clean behind you as you arrive and depart which is why we need everyone to arrive together and leave together. Think of it as a Guided Tour ;-)St


I think I've thought of everything and if Sunday's Open Day proved nothing else, this can be done and done easily.  

Dayle and I look forward to seeing you back at dancing.  For my single dancers, you have a choice re dancing solo.  You can wait until government restrictions are sufficiently lifted, which I think will be quite a while yet or you can just join us to dance, solo of course. There's still beautiful music, a great floor, people with like-minded interests, technique and balance to be improved and remembering all those Sequence Dances is something else. We have our LATIN EXERCISE CLASSES, including the new Introduction to LE for those wanting to start, danced solo by all and Dayle and I will endeavour to tweak our classes to give our singles special attention. 



Classes will be held online. Please email for more information. 


CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS. Please contact us on 0459 493701 to contact us about how we can help you with your future dancing plans. 


The latest guideline to take into account is the request to limit non-essential travel and activities. Dance Obsession (Dayle and Sharon) has made the disappointing but necessary decision to cancel all classes and social dances until further notice. We will be looking for clarification on whether we can continue with private lessons so that our dance community can keep it’s fitness, dance skills and sanity and we’d like to offer private venue hire.  Consideration will be given to cost, cleaning and meeting government restrictions as we see them at the moment.  Please keep in mind, new restrictions are coming into effect every day, it seems and if in doubt, please ring or text us on 0459 493701.

This is a very difficult time for everyone and we thank you for your support and understanding. Our hope is that we all get to the other side of this chaos happy and healthy and return to our dance family soonish. Please be on the lookout for the newsletter as we continue our efforts to keep everyone dance fit.  I think it’s more important than ever to stay in touch online at this time so please keep us posted with anything interesting that you’d like to send to the ‘Family’ and Dayle’s code name can be ‘The Godfather’.


To satisfy the government’s recommendations the following will be adopted:
❣️4m rule limits our numbers to 30
❣️1.5m changes seating arrangement
❣️The 2hr limit ~ doors open at 7.30pm and we finish at 9.15pm with supper to be held downstairs in the open air
❣️Food handling ~ please do not byo a small plate to share. You may byo cup for tea and coffee however our cups are washed in a dish washer and not touched directly by human hands after that.
❣️Most importantly, Please heed government direction should you feel unwell and do not join us
❣️Door entry is $10pp and $5pp for raffle tickets


Please do not feel obligated to support Dayle and I and Dance Obsession. Dayle and I respect a person’s decision to stay away from public gatherings, please respect our decision to play by the rules. As we are limiting numbers, please book ahead to ensure a place.  I want to avoid turning anyone away, especially if you've travelled a distance.  Please text name/s to 0459 493701



CLASSES, PRIVATE LESSONS AND SOCIAL DANCES WILL CONTINUE @ DANCE OBSESSION at the moment.  We will be making changes to the content of classes, the dance programs, number of attendees and most importantly our seating arrangements.

Dancing solo is going to come into its own so all you dancers who have danced solo in the past because there wasn’t a dance partner or you were busy getting your own stuff right were ahead of your time.

Call me crazy but I’m excited for the challenge that’s ahead of us. Coronavirus is the absolute game-changer and we have to adapt what we do if we want to continue.

  • How many times a week do you normally dance?

  • Do you love dancing and why?

  • What are you going to replace it with or do you plan to do nothing for however long this takes?

  • What will you miss out on if you don’t dance?



  • We plan to run more solo dance classes similar to our Latin Exercise class but with more Modern Ballroom content…. dance sequences danced without a partner.

  • We will be hiring our dance floor complete with great music and in air conditioned comfort to singles, couples and small groups on certain days.

  • We’d like to offer online classes so if anyone has advice regarding this, please contact us as soon as possible.


Dance Obsession

P: 0459 493 701


F: @mydanceobsession





For up to date information, please go to

At the moment, classes, private lessons and social dances continue as normal but that may

change as government policy dictates. Coronavirus is a respiratory illness caused by a new virus.

Symptoms range from a mild cough to pneumonia. Some people recover easily, others may get

very sick very quickly. There is evidence that is spreads from person to person and while good

hygiene can prevent infection, staying away from other people when they are, or if you are,

unwell is the best defence against most viruses. You should also:

• Wash your hands frequently with soap and water and refrain from touching your face.

• Cover your cough and sneeze, dispose of tissues and use alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

• Exercise personal responsibility for social distancing measures. Dancing is very much a contact

    sport, so if unwell, don’t attend classes, private lessons or social dances.

• And if you have recently travelled from a high risk area in the last 14 days, or been in contact

   with a confirmed case of COVID-19, please isolate yourself for 14 days.


Dayle and I will be taking every precaution and following the government policy regarding Coronavirus however it's really up to each and every one of us to be mindful in this situation. You may like to use your own cups and cutlery for a time, limit who you dance with, carry your own supply of hand sanitiser and especially, monitor both your own health and the health of people you come in contact with - self isolation for 14 days if you're unsure, is being recommended by the government. Symptons are similar to other colds and flus and include:

~   Fever

~   Cough

~   Sore Throat 

~   Fatigue

~   Difficulty breathing


Claire Gilligan sent me this great link to more info so that we can be both educated and up-to-date


We hope everyone comes out of this better than we went in – perhaps if only that we are well rested.  Please keep in touch and we look forward to seeing you when we see you ;-)